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How to: Arm Knitting

How to Arm Knit a Table Runner!
An easy 5 step tutorial

Have you been drooling over those big chunky knit blankets all over the internet?  Us too!! My lovely planning friend over at Melanie Paige Events and I had the idea to make a Christmas table runner for an upcoming shoot and I really wanted something EXTRA for my holiday hosting spread.  So, magical Christmas entertaining runner, come to me!!!

We set out to learn how to make this newfound wonder and low and behold, it’s a super easy project that anyone can do!  AND, it’s a really enjoyable activity.  Grab a friend and knit together over conversation or turn on those lifetime channel holiday movies (you know you watch them) and cuddle up for some relaxing you time.  This table runner took me about 45 min. to knit from start to finish.

First!!  A quick guide to purchasing your wool…
Wool for arm knitting comes in a variety of colors and is sold by the lb/kg.  For this 8 ft table runner, we used 2 lbs of white wool.  If you want to do a larger project like a blanket, be aware that it will take about 12-13 lbs of wool.  Shop around, it can get pricey.  To give you a better idea, this is a 2 lb ball of wool which we used in its entirety and cost about $55 from amazon:  also check out this supplier in North Carolina on Etsy!

Step 1.  Create A Loop Knot

Start with a single loop…Pull the excess yarn through the loop (shown in the next picture) to create another loop.  Then, lightly pull the new loop and the ends away from each other to create a knot with the first loop (2nd picture below).  That’s it for step 1!  Good job, you’re doing fantabulous and that’s the hardest part!!Step 2. Your first row…

Pull another loop through your first knot loop (we are pulling them to the right – to go left to right in a horizontal row) and make the size loops YOU want for the rest of your masterpiece.  Tighter or looser is totally up to you!Continue to make new loops moving to the right until you have your desired width.  For this table runner, I chose to do 6 loops.Step 3.  The turn.

Now we are going to start making more rows.  We will first make a turn to the left and complete row 2.  To turn, we simply pull a new loop through your last completed loop from row 1 and face the new loop up instead of to the right.You will then make your way to the left by pulling loops through your previous row loops in the exact same way.This is how row 2 should look.  You can make adjustments easily by tugging on the wool ~carefully~ to stretch and shape.  It’s fairly forgiving and if you snag it, you can just tuck that snag back into the design.  TIP: don’t wear your rings/jewelry to avoid unnecessary pulls.Step 4.  Complete Rows.

Continue moving left to right, right to left, and so on until you reach your desired length.  Once you get in the groove, it goes very fast.  But don’t forget to slow down and enjoy the process!!!Step 5.  The finish.

After you finish your last row, take the 1st loop of that row and overlap it with the 2nd loop.  Pull a new loop through those two loops to connect.  Take that new loop and overlap it with the following loop, pull a new loop through to connect and so on.  When you reach the end, cut your remaining wool so that just 6 inches or so remain and tuck it back into the design.  I like to reverse tuck into the design following the loop curves.  You can also do this with the excess from your starter knot. This is what the finished end looks like.  Gently tug on the wool loops to straighten… And just like that, we have a very cool tablescape runner for our upcoming Christmas parties!  What will you make with your newfound skill?  A chunky blanket?  A scarf?

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