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How to Host a Rainbow Dinner Party!

Rainbow Dinner Party Ideas!

There are many different reasons to host a rainbow party.  Maybe you are celebrating a rainbow baby, pride, or maybe you just really love rainbows!!!  Regardless of your celebration, we are sure to have some picture perfect gathering ideas for your next rainbow party!  This particular party was the finale to our summer dinner date night series, “party by color” in which we cooked and styled with a different color each week.  It was so much fun and everyone enjoyed the challenge!  See more ~party by color~ ideas on the blog here!

When I designed the table arrangement, I pondered two design challenges:  how to make a cluttered 6 color palette look modern and how to stage the colors for visual appeal.  I chose to cluster the seating arrangement on one side of the table for a linear design and chose a clean wall with minimal decor to simplify the design.

Tips:  You can buy individual linen napkins at Pier One!  Splurge on the single stem vases instead of the flowers for this minimalist tablescape approach.

 Colorful fruits were the inspiration for this watercolor design suite!  We asked our guests to bring a specific color inspired food for a very colorful pot luck style dinner spread… And finally, a rainbow naked cake for dessert!  Delish!! And so so pretty.

Pink Donut Inspired Boy Party!

Birthday Boy Domenic Turns Five!

Our little one turned five this week!  As a lover of all things feminine, I struggle every year to find ideas (that I like) for little boy parties.  I know it isn’t long before my sweetie starts requesting action figure themed parties so I’ve been taking advantage of his love for everything and styling seriously fashionable parties for him 🙂

This year is no exception.  I found inspiration out shopping; pink glazed donuts at the grocery store, confetti and pastel party supplies at Target.  Once I had the colors, I began to collect the pieces for the table starting with the stationery.

Confetti inspired invitations with matching RSVPs and pastel pink envelopes.  Sending out RSVP cards for a little kid’s Birthday party may seem like overkill but I fully enjoy getting things in the mail; the more the merrier.  I also like the way a full suite looks as opposed to one piece so I always say go big with stationery 😉  It’s all in the details…

 For the table, I used a 4 person desk and re-purposed it with painted pink dining table legs. Each place setting started with an opaque glass charger topped with a pink linen napkin, and birthday hats.  White depression milk glasses with paper straws and donuts + ceramic ice cream cone cups with homemade pink glazed mini donuts.A mini spoon for ice cream tasting on one side and a confetti stick on the other in place of a knife.  KID friendly place settings.  I made two cakes.  One was inspired by my favorite donut, powdered sugar: yummmmm… and the other was this mini pink donut inspired naked and pink drip cake.  I added blue cupcake toppers and candles to all of the treats to add another pastel color to the mix.  These pink bow ties were custom made for the boys by my friends at Z Create Design!  They are easy to clip on, magnet backs.  The boys LOVED them.

Party by Color!

Out of ideas for themed dinner parties?
Try our party by color idea!  Giving a simple guideline for dinner party items narrows the possibilities to a not so overwhelming task of choice.  And everyone loves at least a hint of inspiration.

We started the series with the premiere of Game Of Thrones and the color choice, BLACK.  You can read all about our food and styling choices for that party in our last blog post!

For Week Two, we chose the color, GREEN.  There are so many ways to style with this particular color.  Since it is summertime, we naturally went tropical!  We love everything philodendron leaves this year… pair that with gold and watercolor for a super trendy summer party!  Bonus: this proved to be the healthiest color inspiration with ideas like:

Zoodles in Pesto with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes
Kale Chips with Green Salsa
Cucumbers and Tuna Salad
Green Curry Chicken
Pistachio Ice Cream
Pistachio & Lime Macarons
V8 Vegetable & Fruit Juice

For Week Three, we chose PURPLE.  A seemingly difficult food color to work with but ideas were abundant!  Light purple can feel like Springtime while deep purple has the feeling of winter.  We blended the two with our tablescape and stationery details in a floral print and modern touches.

Eggplant was the first idea within the group and yet nobody cooked with eggplant!  Here were our purple inspired menu items:

Purple Chips and Dip
Purple Spaghetti with Purple Pesto Sauce
Purple Roasted Potatoes and Onions
Blackberry Ice Cream
Blackberry Macarons
Blackberry Lemonade

Next up, WHITE.  What should our next color choice be!?  You can keep up with the rest of our Party By Color nights on IG!

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