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In the Garden Styled Date!

Rockledge Gardens Mini Styled Shoot

Styling a shoot is my absolute favorite thing to do, so I do one any chance I get¬†ūüėÄ ¬†This one stands out to me because I allowed myself to experiment. ¬†The only people at the shoot were me and model Danae Kateb so I was extra relaxed and even more in my element! ¬†What came out of this session taught me more about myself an my style than anything else!! ¬†And that little bit of self teaching is exactly why I do these, to grow, to evolve, as an artist. ¬†Thank you Danae for playing with me!!!

First and foremost, I have to thank my wonderful friend and fellow wedding professional, Julie Miner of Julie Miner Events for putting together this bouquet.  I gave her absolutely no inspiration, just that we were shooting against a garden wall and what she came up with is nothing short of spectacular!

I designed the invitation suite and menus around this watercolor fabric I found at a local craft¬†store. ¬†Customizable suites of all HLP digitals are¬†available in the HLP etsy shop! ¬†The dress is pieced together with items I found in thrift stores. ¬†I created the dress over time in my studio on a mannequin, I love how it looks on Danae’s petite frame! ¬†Lastly, I loved playing with Danae’s gorgeous blond hair. ¬†I did three quick and easy hairstyles in between snapping pics and consuming donuts. ¬†There were a dozen donuts… that donut cake is three donuts tall.

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Crab Feast Date Night!

Styled for Two ~ Date Night Inspiration
Get Crabby With Me

Inspired by my love to surprise my husband with elaborately styled dates, I’ve decided to start a series of date night inspiration posts here on the blog! ¬†I hope they reach someone searching for fresh date night ideas, just because, anniversary, or proposal setting???¬† These posts will be categorized as “Styled for Two”. ¬†Subscribe to the blog to keep up with future posts like these! ¬†To download printables of the menus and invitation, check out the etsy shop listing here. ¬†You can share your creation on IG with the hashtag #styledfortwo so I can see!!

There are so many things I love about this date night idea but most of all, ocean front dining. ¬†Better views than any restaurant in town! ¬†The venue doesn’t have to be the beach, if you live near a lake, river, or pond, perfect! ¬†Another thing I love about this date is that it cost me $25 in food. ¬†All of the decor was found around my house or borrowed from a friend. ¬†Lastly, it was a no cook meal. ¬†You can have the seafood section of your local supermarket steam shrimp and crab for you! ¬†I like to have them steam it in heavy old bay seasoning. ¬†For two people I ordered 2 lbs of snow crab legs and a 1/2 lb of shrimp.

I was inspired by this blue pallet that I found washed up at our local beach park and used it as our dining table.  Which brings me to my first table styling tip!:

1. Start with Furniture. ¬†It is the heaviest and most difficult thing to bring on location. ¬†When I’m looking for venues, I look at the furniture already available. ¬†Like this pallet, think outside the box, what else could be used as a table?

Date night ideas_0002

The centerpiece cost me nothing.  I used lanterns from around my house and filled them with beach sand to hold the taper candles in place.  The tropical garland is just cuttings from my backyard that I taped together with floral tape.

2. Decide to side sit or face each other.  This will dictate how much room you have for table decor.  If we were to side sit, I might have added taller lanterns and more greenery.  I like to keep the centerpiece low for conversation if we sit across from each other.

Date night ideas_0001Easy and portable seating like over sized pillows were perfect for the low table.  Candles are ALWAYS a good idea.  They add romantic ambiance anywhere!
Date night ideas_0003Date night ideas_0004Menus add the feeling of restaurant dining!  Tip number three is all about place settings:

3. Layer with fine materials.  Go the distance and ditch the plastic and paper products for a more luxurious feel!  Bare minimum: layer a plate, napkin, menu, and utensils for a pulled together look.  You can also add chargers, multiple glasses, small gifts, desserts, place cards, and more!  Place settings for two people are not pricey like a full dinner party so enjoy the shopping!

Date night ideas_0005Date night ideas_0006Date night ideas_0007 Date night ideas_0009 Date night ideas_0008Don’t forget a small garbage bag and some wipes. ¬†Keep our surroundings clean!

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